Bonfire night in Needles, California held at Jack Smith Park.


Needles, CA: ZachNews confirmed earlier on Thursday from both Needles High School and the San Bernardino County Fire Department that Thursday’s Bonfire Event for Homecoming week was changed to Jack Smith Park.



The Bonfire Event was held in a opened dirt parking lot next to Jack Smith Park and many students and the community came together near the stack of wooden pallets.



With the help of San Bernardino County Fire Department Firefighters, a group of students from Needles High School tossed lit flare into the stack of wooden pallets and minutes later, the stack of wooden pallets became a large fireball that could be seen from along East Broadway and Goodwill Street as well as across the Colorado River in Mohave Valley, Arizona.



Safety issue and weather related issues thanks to Thursday morning’s thunderstorms caused the change in location from a dirt hill top next to Needles High School and moved to Jack Smith Park.



After a cold and stormy Thursday morning, a night near a large open bonfire was a get way to end another day in Needles, California.



ZachNews has the video of Bonfire Night in Needles, California and is working on posting the video at the ZachNews Channel on both Veoh and YouTube.



Stay tuned to ZachNews for more news updates regarding this news story.



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