News Alert!!: Protest in support of City Employees in Needles today.

Needles, CA: As the City of Needles faces a proposed reduction in pay and benefits on City Employees, a friendly informational protest is being held on Saturday, October 6th, 2012 starting at 10:00am PT during the Needles’ Route 66 Music, Brews, and Barbecue Championship at Jack Smith Park in Needles, California.



With many in Needles, California unhappy with the Needles City Council for trying to balance the budget on the back of these City Employees and concerns for what will happen if the Needles City Council approves these cuts on City Employees, many are wanting to show their support for those who work hard serving our community.



Those who want to come and show your support for City Employees are welcome to protest. If you are union member, please wear your union shirts. Otherwise, please wear something red to the protest.



Protest signs are welcome and are needed.



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