Burger Hut eatery is, “Not Closing”.

Downtown Needles, CA: Since the beginning of 2012, the people of Needles, California are hanging on hope that no more businesses close up their business as several businesses have said good bye to Needles, California and shutting down their business to the community.



But since news broke about Bank of America closing their bank branch in Downtown Needles, California on Friday, January 25th, 2012, a rise of rumors saying this business or that business is closing is causing many of people to stress out and cause more harm to those businesses that are not closing.



The latest rumor to spread along the Colorado River Tri-State are is about the Burger Hut eatery located at 701 West Broadway in Downtown Needles, California.



The rumor is telling people along the Colorado River Tri-State that the Burger Hut eatery is closing



ZachNews can confirm that the Burger Hut eatery in Downtown Needles, California is not closing and that the rumor is just hurting business.



Burger Hut owner Angelma Johnson confirms with ZachNews PhotojournalistZachary A. Lopez that, “We (Burger Hut) are not closing” adding that she is getting tired of those rumors.



According to Burger Hut owner Angelma Johnson, Burger Hut did have to close on the weekends, change their hours of business, and raise their prices due to the current economic slow down, but that can change if conditions get better.



The best way to help local businesses hanging on in this current economic slow down crisis is to go to that business and spend enough money as you are able to on that business rather than spreading rumors and lies that can just harm businesses and can lead to a real closure.



Burger Hut is located at 701 West Broadway at D Street in Downtown Needles, California.



For more information about Burger Hut, please call: 1 (760) 326-2342.



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