ZachNews interview regarding wind damage to the Needles Movie Theater.

Downtown Needles, CA: ZachNews Photojournalist Zachary A. Lopez interviews Rick Smith and John Alberson regarding the damage left behind from last Tuesday afternoon’s powerful storm and damaging winds which caused the roof of the Needles Movie Theater in Downtown Needles, California to be lifted up into the sky and fell onto a dirt parking lot next door.

Rick Smith tells ZachNews that he oversees the Needles Movie Theater property for the owner and John Alberson is his assistant in overseeing the Needles Movie Theater property.

Both Rick and John have worked inside the Needles Movie Theater to get this part of Needles, California history restore and open again.

Both Rick and John were in shock that the roof to the Needles Movie Theater was lifted, but is glad that nobody was hurt.

Rick Smith talks to ZachNews about how dose the owner feels about what happened to the Needles Movie Theater.

Both Rick and John wants to see the community come together to help in the restoring of the Needles Movie Theater.

If you would like to help and donate in the restoring of the Needles Movie Theater, please contact Ricky Smith at 1 (928) 219-6062.

You can watch the ZachNews interview by heading to the ZachNews Channel on YouTube.

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