Earthquakes In Brawley, California Felt In Needles, California.


Needles, CA: Aftershocks from Sunday’s moderate earthquakes continue to shake the Southern California desert near the Salton Sea in Brawley, California.


The magnitude 5.5 occurring at 1:57pm PT Sunday and knocked trailer homes off foundations and windows shattered during the earthquake near Brawley, California.


According to CBS affiliate KSWT Channel 13 in Yuma, Arizona, the quakes have caused cosmetic damage to some older buildings in the area.


According to Brawley City Mayor George Nava, 20 mobile homes moved or shifted from their foundation during Sunday’s earthquake.



Staffers at the Emergency Operations Center are working with the American Red Cross to help people affected by the earthquake as well as to help open local shelter. 



So far, there have been no reports of injuries or deaths from these earthquakes.


There have been many aftershocks in Imperial County, California with the largest aftershock being a magnitude 4.9 at 9:41pm PT Sunday night as well as a magnitude 3.0 at 12:32am PT Monday.



The earthquakes and aftershocks were widely felt throughout Southern California as well as Yuma and La Paz counties in Arizona.



According to ABC affiliate KESQ Channel 3 in Palm Desert, California, People throughout the Coachella Valley reported feeling the ground move.


According to Indio Police Department Administrative Officer Benjamin Guitron, one of the earlier earthquakes was felt in Indio, California for about 30 seconds.


There have been no reports of injuries or deaths from these earthquakes in Indio, California.



The same earthquakes felt in Indio, California were also felt by some residents living in Needles, California.


Lawrence Sanchez felt the shaking inside his home and even heard bottles and dishes making a shaking noise.


Other Needles residents told ZachNews that they too felt the shaking and seen some things sway in their home.


There have been no reports of injuries or deaths from these earthquakes in Needles, California.



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