News Update!!!: Wildfire In Needles Is Fully Contained.


News Update!!!: Needles, CA: Wildfire In Needles Is Fully Contained.



The wildfire that was burning in Needles, California is fully contained after dry lightning strike an area southeast of Jack Smith Park late Monday afternoon.


Fire crews on Tuesday spend the day going around putting out and hot spots and clearing burn debris.



The wildfire burned more than 60 acres on the California side moving southeast between the Colorado River and Santa Fe Road.


As the wildfire continued to burn on the California, the Colorado River couldn’t stop the wildfire as late Monday night, the wildfire jump near Jack Smith Park into Mohave County, Arizona near Mohave Valley Drive.


The wildfire burned more than 300 acres on the Arizona side moving southeast.



The wildfire burned mostly large trees, brush, and thick vegetation that lines both sides of the Colorado River and burned away from homes or other structures in both California and Arizona. The wildfire on the California side also burn into areas which already burn in another wildfire which happened in April 2011.



Fire crews from throughout the Colorado River Tri-State area responded to the wildfire Monday afternoon including San Bernardino County Fire Department, Golden Shores Fire Department, Fort Mojave Fire Department, and Arizona Bureau of Land Management.



Fire crews and bulldozers worked nonstop late Monday trying to control and put out this wildfire as well as to keep the wildfire from jumping over the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railroad Line near Smith Road and East Broadway.  



Fire crews search the area for anybody who may have not gotten out of the way as the wildfire spread. San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department and a helicopter with their searchlight shined their bright light onto the area around the wildfire searching for people.


So far, nobody was found in the burned area and everybody gotten out safely away from the wildfire.



Police and fire crews alerted those in the Verde Shores Estates which is next door to Jack Smith Park were told to be ready to evacuate if the time needs to come. Some did evacuate to safety and even taken pictures as well as video of the wildfire as they watch and wait to see if they will have to leave their homes.


The wildfire didn’t get close to Verde Shores Estates as the wildfire stayed on the south side of a channel next to Jack Smith Park as well as a large dirt parking lot put protection from homes being put in danger.



So far, there have been no reports of anybody being injured or killed in this wildfire.



Fire crews will be patrolling both sides of the burned area in California and Arizona and ask the public to stay out of the burned area.


Roads entering the burned area may remain closed to both traffic and the public which includes Smith Road near Santa Fe Road and Santa Fe Road near Jack Smith Park in California as well as Mohave Valley Drive in Arizona.



Many living in Needles are still talking about the massive traffic jam the wildfire did Monday afternoon.


Lines of vehicles created a traffic jam along East Broadway as many people gathered at the Eastside Chevron Gas Station and a dirt lot off of Goodwill Street near Harris Motors to watch the wildfire. Those who lined up to watch the wildfire saw the flames burning up tall trees and brush as well as people driving and walking away from the wildfire.



Jack Smith Park opened Tuesday bringing people closer to see what the wildfire burn up. Some people were seen going onto their boats and into the Colorado River to get a better view of the burned area.


Those who planned to swim in the Colorado River near Jack Smith Park should wait a few days as burned debris and black powdery residue ash line the shorelines of both side of the Colorado River.


Those who came to Jack Smith Park were in shock of how much this wildfire burn.



** Thank You To All The First Responders Who Are Battling This Brush Fire Burning Near Jack Smith Park In Needles, California and Helping To Protect People’s Lives. **


** Thank You To All The Work Crews Who Are Making Sure That Their Community Will Be Open For Business, Roads Clear From Debris, and Utilities Poles Are Fix When Bought Down By The Brush Fire Burning Near Jack Smith Park In Needles, California. **



Stay tuned to ZachNews for more pictures and videos from Monday afternoon’s wildfire near Jack Smith Park in Needles, California. 



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