Spaghetti Benefit Dinner Held For Jason Ryan Jarc In Needles.


Needles, CA: A spaghetti benefit dinner was held at the Needles Recreation Center in Needles, California last night for 22 year old Jason Ryan Jarc.

Jason Ryan Jarc passed away due to diabetic complication on Wednesday, July 25th, 2012 and a day after he turned 22 year old.

Born in Needles, California; Jason loved skateboarding, riding his motorcycles, and hanging with his friends.

When many in the community heard the news of Jason Ryan Jarc passing away, many who loved him and knew him were heartbroken, deeply sadden, and wanted to help Jason’s Family.

This pass Tuesday night, many from throughout the community of Needles, California as well as the Colorado River Tri-State area united together and planned a spaghetti benefit dinner to raise money to help cover final expenses for Jason.

Spaghetti dinners, all made by hard working, caring, and loving volunteers from throughout the community, were sold to the public at $5.00 a plate and came with salad, bread, and tasty cold strawberry lemonade and ice tea, as well as a wide assortment of desserts which were donated from many in the community.

At last count, 270 spaghetti dinners were sold last night. Money was also raised from the sale of 50/50 raffle drawing tickets during the spaghetti benefit dinner.

Friends and family of Jason were overwhelmed and amazed by how many in the community came out to the spaghetti benefit dinner for Jason.

Thanks to all the hard working, caring, and loving volunteers who helped put the spaghetti benefit dinner.

The community here in Needles, California and around the Colorado River Tri-State area united together to help members of their community.

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