Presentation Calls Out Blight and Trash In Needles.

Needles, CA: During last Tuesday Needles City Council Meeting, members of the Needles City Council as well as the public got to see an eye opening look at the blight and trashiness around the City of Needles.

As part of the “City of Needles Clean Up Project”, the presentation given by Committee Chair Cathy McConnell and Western Regional Consulting representative, Elaine Cullen, described empty lots and dirt areas along Interstate 40, from local businesses to residential properties.

Nobody was exempt from the ridicule of Cathy McConnell; “low income”, “trashy”, “eyesore”, and “blight” were the favorite words used by Ms. McConnell.

How much anger do the members of our community feel whose properties were put on display and used as bad examples of our town’s appearance?


You can watch the video and decide for yourself by logging onto and access ZachNews.


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