Deadly Movie Theater Shooting In Aurora, Colorado.


Aurora, CO: A night with friends, family, and love ones out to the movie theater to watch the premiere of the new Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises” ends in tragedy as a gunman in tactical gear and gas mask release a hail of bullets onto people inside Theater 9 at the Century 16 Movie Theaters in Aurora, Colorado around midnight Friday night.

Here is the latest news updates on the Deadly Movie Theater Shooting at the Century 16 Movie Theaters in Aurora, Colorado.

**** News Updates: Deadly Movie Theater Shooting In Aurora, Colorado. ****
**** Updated at 9:00am MT on Saturday, July 21st, 2012: ****

** Incident at Suspect’s Apartment: **

– The controlled detonation was successful. Still more work to be done in the apartment to include dealing with other devices. There is a possibility of more controlled detonations. We will keep you updated. Streets open now.
**** Updated at 9:00am MT on Saturday, July 21st, 2012: ****

** Incident at Suspect’s Apartment: **

– Primary goal is to complete this operation in a manner that is safe for all personnel involved and the public. With that in mind, there is no estimate on how long this will take.

– There are three phases to the operation:

1. Render a safe entry and remotely mitigate the trip wire. This may cause a fire and/or explosion.

2. Safely remove approximately 30 various devices inside and an additional 30 aerial shells. These will then be taken by sand trucks to a disposal area and either burned or destroyed by counter charges.

3. Continue the investigation with the Aurora Police Department being the lead agency and assisted by numerous other agencies.

– We are confident this will be completed today.

– This will be done with help from the following agencies: Aurora Fire Department, Adams County Sheriff’s Office, Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office, Denver Police Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and Rural Metro Ambulance.

– We will update the progress of this operation as the three phases unfold.
**** Updated at 8:00pm MT on Friday, July 20th, 2012: ****

** General Information: **

– 70 victims total – 12 victim are confirmed dead. An additional 58 people were injured.

– 10 victims died in the theater and 2 died later at area hospitals.

– Death notifications are being made to the families tonight.

– Officials from the Aurora Police Department met with family members and friends of some of the victims for approximately 90 minutes earlier today. Families were informed that identification of the deceased victims will be confirmed tonight.

– The final bodies were removed from the theater at approximately 5:15pm MT. There are no victims left inside the crime scene.
** Suspect: **
– The suspect, James Eagen Holmes, DOB: 12.13.1987, will appear in court on Monday, July 23, 2012 at 8:30am MT at Arapahoe County District Court, located at 7325 S. Potomac Street, Centennial, CO0.)

– He recently left the University of Colorado Denver’s Graduate Program in Nueroscience. He left the program voluntarily.

– He is originally from Riverside, California and attended the University of California.

– Neighbors reported that he lived alone and kept to himself.

– At 7:30am PT on Friday, July 20th, 2012, Police escorted a man out of the home in Rancho Penasquitos, California and whisking him away in an unmarked police sedan. The man later identified as the alleged gunman’s father and was being sent to Colorado to help in the shooting investigation.

– At 8:30am PT on Friday, July 20th, 2012, San Diego police lieutenant Andra Brown came out of the home of Holmes’ family and distributed a written statement in regards to the shooting at Century 16 Movie Theaters in Aurora, Colorado from the family.

“Our hearts go out to those who were involved in this tragedy and to the families and friends of those involved. We ask that the media respect our privacy during this difficult time. Our family is cooperating with authorities in both San Diego, California, and Aurora, Colorado. We are still trying to process this information and we appreciate that people will respect our privacy.”

** Actual Shooting Incident: **
– Weapons recovered from Holmes were an AR-15 rifle, a 12-gauge shotgun, and at least one of two 40-caliber handguns, as well as the ballistic tactical helmet, protective gear for his legs, throat and groin, black gloves, and a gas mask.

– The four weapons found at the incident were purchased at local gun shops.

– Ammunition for those weapons was purchased on the internet. Total count of ammunition was 3020 .223 rounds, 3550 40 caliber rounds, and 350 12 gage rounds.

– Multiple .223 magazines were purchased to include a 100 round drum magazine.

– Authorities believed that Holmes propped opened an emergency exit door inside the theater, went to his car parked in the back parking lot of the Century 16 Movie Theaters, picked up his weapons and put on his protective ballistic tactical gear and gas mask. Holmes than hurled a gas canister into the movie theater than began shooting at the crowd inside the movie theater.

– Authorities believed that Holmes than exited the movie theater and started heading to his car.

– Aurora police arrested Holmes in the back parking lot of the Century 16 Movie Theaters. Holmes identified himself to police as “The Joker”. Holmes had red hair coloring in his hair.

– Holmes was booked into the Arapahoe County Jail at 3:40pm Friday afternoon.
** Apartment Building: **
– 1690 Paris St will remain evacuated along with four other nearby buildings. Operations at the suspect’s address have been suspended for tonight, but will resume tomorrow.

– Various Federal and local law enforcement agencies are assisting with the investigation.
** Additional Information: **

– The persons evacuated from apartment buildings at or near 1690 Peoria St will have shelter and assistance at Central High School.

– There will be additional police officers at four Aurora theatres through the weekend.

– The Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Department and Denver Police Department will provide SWAT assistance for Aurora if needed for events unrelated to the shooting if needed.

– The Town Center of Aurora will be open tomorrow.

– The City of Aurora will be sponsoring a memorial vigil in front of the Aurora Municipal Center on Sunday, July 22nd, 2012 at 6:30pm MT. The Governor and the Aurora City Mayor will be there to speak.


Many unanswered questions regarding the deadly shooting at the Century 16 Movie Theaters in Aurora, Colorado are being raised; should there be more laws preventing the sale of the AR-15 rifle and 12-gauge shotgun? Should movie theaters have metal detectors at all their doors? Should there be better background checks on persons wanting to purchase a gun? Should guns and ballistic tactical gear be allowed to be sold online? Should costumes and masks be allowed inside movie theaters?

What do you like to see happen in regards to gun laws, background checks, and safety at the movie theaters? ** Please write your comments here on ZachNews. **
Let us all come together in thought, in prayer, and in loving support for the friends and family of those who lost their lives that Friday night at the Century 16 Movie Theaters in Aurora, Colorado.

May we never forget those who dead in this tragic attack and let us all help those who are in need of support at this tragic time.
Let us all give thanks to those who help saved lives and the first responders who raced to the Century 16 Movie Theaters in Aurora, Colorado to help people who were hurt and to arrest the person involved in the hateful attack.
Let us united in support of the community of Aurora, Colorado and let them know we are here for them; may we not let evil divide us but united us all as one and show evil that good will rule over evil.

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