Water Leak Turns To Water Break In Needles.


Needles, CA: At around 9:45am PT Friday morning, a waterline under the intersection on Desnok Street and A Street erupted from the street sending water racing down the street and small rocks flying into the sky.

City of Needles Public Works was in the process of checking out a possible water leak at the intersection on Desnok Street and A Street in Needles, California. As City of Needles Public Works were digging up the street to were the possible leak in the water line was at when the waterline erupted and water gushed up from the street into the sky.

The geyser of water and small rocks fall from the sky as water raced down Desnok Street. The geyser of water was send all the way down four blocks to the intersection of West Broadway and A Street in Downtown Needles, California where ZachNews photojournalist was on the way to another news story when he seen the geyser of water and raced to get the news story as well as the pictures.

City of Needles Public Works crews raced to the scene to shut off the water geyser and in about an hour, the water was shut off and both the broken waterline and street was repair.

No homes or vehicles were damaged and nobody was injured in the waterline break.

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