Jack Smith Park Held An Amateur Radio Demonstration.


Needles, CA: The public was invited to an amateur radio demonstration was held on Saturday, June 23rd, 2012 at Jack Smith Park in Needles, California where members of the San Bernardino County Sheriff Department and the Colorado River Station Amateur Radio Association joined with thousands of other amateur radio operators across the country to show their emergency capability in case if there is an emergency and amateur radio operators are needed to help get important information to emergency and government officials.

The City Manager for the City of Needles David G. Brownlee came to watch the amateur radio demonstration and ZachNews Reporter Zachary Lopez even got to make some calls to other amateur radio operators.

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  1. The trailer that the operation was held in is a mobile Emergency Operations Center (“EOC”) for the use of the San Bernardino County Sheriif, the San Bernardino County Fire Department and the City of Needles.

    The City is grateful for the time, effort and money that went into bringing this EOC to the state of readiness that it now has. It provides a platform for operations during an emergency incident and allows for interoperability between the various agencies working that incident.

    Special kudos to Reserve Deputy Dave Barlow for his contribution to making the mobile EOC a reality but also for his leadership during the amatuer radio demonstration.

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