The Board of Hospital Trustees Approved AM Pharmacy.


Needles, CA: At last Wednesday’s Special Board of Hospital Trustees Meeting, the Board of Hospital Trustees members voted 3 to 1 to approve the recommendations by the Hospital Sale Ad-Hoc Committee approving the Asset Purchase Agreement with the City of Needles and Colorado River Medical Center to AM Pharmacy.

Three of the Board of Hospital Trustees Members Suzanne Shepherd, Terri Anderson, and Rudy Zamora voted in favor of AM Pharmacy, but Board of Hospital Trustees President Jeff Williams voted against AM Pharmacy with concerns regarding the hiring back employees at the Colorado River Medical Center after the buyer takes over the hospital.

The resolution will now go to the Needles City Council in two weeks for the final vote to buy the Colorado River Medical Center in Needles, California.

The Needles City Council Meeting is held on a Tuesday at 6:00pm PT and is located off of J Street before Bailey Avenue in Needles, California.

For more information, please contact Dale Jones at the City of Needles, City Clerk’s Office at: 1 (760) 326-2113 Ext. 345

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